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Sri Chakra

Mystic Worship of Goddess

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Language: English

Editor: T.R. Ramachandran

Edition: II

Year of Publication: 2005,  reprint in 2008

Published by: Tattvaloka Publication, (Sri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri).

ISBN NO: 978- 81- 904799- 2-9

Pages: 112

Bind: Paperback

Availability: In Stock

Synopsis :

Worship of Sri Chakra is as enchanting as it is complex.  It is ritualistic, abstract and esoteric, and yet one of the most meaningful and useful practices handed down to us from ages.

Impelled by universal welfare, Sri Adi Shankara gave great importance to Sakti worship.  And to this effect, He installed Sri Chakra in places of Sakti worship.  In this book, the articles on the evolution of Sri Chakra and the mode of constructing the Sri Chakra based ona commentary by Lakshmidhara on Saundaryalahari is featured.  The chapter on the Tripura Upanishad and the Bhavanopanishad find a place in this book mainly beause of the importance given to the worship of Sri Chakra in the spiritual evolution.

The Quintessence of Sri Vidya is a chapter which deals with the fundamentals of the ancient mystic discipline in Devi worship.  The relevance and meaning of simple worship of Sri Lalita Sahasranama is brought out in an article.

There is also coverage of Mookambika temple, where the Sri Chakra is installed, which has contributed to its power and glory over the centuries.  The life story of Sri Bhaskararaya in this book shows how effective are his compositions and commentaries, because of his direct communication with the Divine Mother.


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