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Brahmasutra bhashyam


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Language: Sanskrit

Edition: I

Year of Publication: 2011

Author : Jagadguru Sri Adi Shankaracharya

Published by: Sri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri.

Pages: 484 PP + xxx

Bind: Hardbound

Availability: In Stock

Synopsis :

Sri Badarayana has composed the Brahma Sutras.  The Brahma Sūtras are also known by other names: Vedānta Sūtras, Uttara Mīmāmsā- Sūtras , Śārīraka Sūtras, Śārīraka Mimāmsā-  Sūtras.  The Brahma Sūtras attempt to reconcile the seemingly contradictory and diverse statements of the various Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gītā, by placing each teaching in a doctrinal context. The word “Sūtra” means “thread”, and the Brahma sūtras literally stitch together the various Vedanta teachings into a logical and self-consistent whole.

The Brahma Sūtras consist of four Adhyayas (Chapters)  Each Adhyaya is divided into four   pādas (parts)  and each   pāda  consists of single or  several groups of Sūtras called Adhikaraņas.  There are total 191 Adhikaranas containing 555   Sūtras , (aphorisms) in the Brahmasutra.

The Sanskrit version of this book Brahmasutra Bhashya of Sri Adi Shankaracharya is a revised reprint of the original 1910 Vani Vilas edition. Considering the uniqueness of the edition, and the need for a revised reprint, we have brought out this book for the benefit of the Astikas.

Contents :

The First Adhyaya   explains that all the Vedānta texts talk of Brahman, the ultimate reality, which is the goal of life.  There are thirty nine Adhikaranas and one hundred thirty four  Sūtras  in this Adhyaya

The second Adhyaya discusses and refutes the possible objections to Vedānta philosophy.   There are forty seven Adhikaranas and one hundred fifty seven  Sūtras  in this Adhyaya

The third Adhyaya describes the process by which ultimate emancipation can be achieved.    There are sixty seven Adhikaranas and one hundred eighty six   Sūtras  in this Adhyaya.

The fourth Adhyaya talks of the state that is achieved in final emancipation.     There are thirty eight Adhikaranas and seventy eight Sūtras  in this Adhyaya.

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