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Pattabhisheka Utsava Wallpapers

On the occassion of the 23rd Pattasbhisheka Mahotsava of Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji, marking the ascension to the throne of Transcendental Wisdom (Vyakhyana Simhasana), wallpapers are published below.

A Note on Screen Propotions

Instead of providing wallpapers for various screensizes, two sets of wallpapers have been provided; one for normal computer monitors viz. 4:3 propotion, and the other for wide-screen monitors viz. 16:9. No matter what the resolution, the wallpapers for their respective frame ratios will snugly fit inside the desktop area without much hassle. Illustrations of the two types of monitors are provided below for convenience of devotees.

4:3                                                    16:9

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