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Vadlamannativari Satram [Mallikharjunapet]


Sri Sringeri Peetha Paripalitha Vadlamannati Vari Satram, Arjun Street, Mallikarjunapeta, Vijayawada-1, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh.

The choultry was constructed more than 75 years back  and since then it was used as choultry under the management of hereditary trustees. The last hereditary trustee  who was aged about 70 years in the year 1967 had decided to handover the management to Sringeri Saradapeethadipati of the then Mysore State for better management. Thus the choultry which is an extent of 1325 Sq.Yds. together with constructions have come under the management of Sri Sringeri Peetham.


In view of Krishna Puushkarams and in view of providing facilities to the Piligrims visiting Vijayawada, Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetham constructed a pucca choultry in the place of the old tiled building. R.C.C. building was constructed with modern facilities.

In the year 1992  first floor also constructed.

The neat and clean decorated choultry having double cots in all rooms are provided to piligirms those who are visiting the Temple and those who are coming for a holidip in the river Krishna.

The Satram is  given for celebrating marriages,  religious and Pravachanams to protect Hindu Dharma.


Sri Nimmagadda Subrahmanyam Dharmadhikari
Sri Sringeri Sankar Math
10-2-65, Arjun Street,
Vijayawada-520 01
PHONE No.0866 – 2424871 2423978 98490 84600

Manager 0866-2423396

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