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Melmangalam has a very long history of association with the Glorious Sri Sarada Peetam. It is one of the Telugu Brahmin villages which supported Sri Sachidananda Bharathi Mahaswamigal during his poorvasrama days, as recorded in His Biography.

Unassailable in their devotion to their Kulaguru and unflinching in their loyalty to Sri Sarada Peetam, the sishyas of this village are recipients of the Benevolence of every Acharya Mahapurusha adorning the Peetam.

Melmangalam did not have any Buildings dedicated to Sri Mutt, even though there were agricultural lands in the name of Sri Snngen mutt. During His visit to the village in 1987 Sri Bharathi Theertha Mahaswamigal expressed His surprise about Melmangalam not having any structure as a Branch Mutt.
The Dharmadikari of Melmangalam, Sri M.V.Subramania Iyer immediately donated a vacant site to the Mutt and Sri Acharyal laid the foundation stone at the site the next day itself. It was the day of the 70th Vardhanthi of Mahasannidanam Sri Abhinava Vidya Theertha Mahaswamigal. Another devotee Sri S.K.Subramania Iyer gifted his house, situated next to that vacant site, through his will to Sri Mutt.

A prayer hall in front of the shrine for Sri Sankara Bagavathpada and Sri C handramoulcesw ara were constructed in the vacant site.

Prathishta Kumbabishekam of the temple was done by Sri Bharathi Theertha Mahaswamigal on 20-3-1995 during His return from the Akhila Bharatha Vijaya Yathra.

During 1997 Sri Acharyal blessed the Branch Mutt with His Holy Padukas, which are now covered in gold plates and are in daily worship at the Mutt.
Later a small bronze idol of Sri Saradamba was added as Uthsava Murthy for Navarathri celebrations.


Daily Puja

Everyday in the morning Guru Paduka Puja is performed followed by Rudrabhisheka to Sri Chandramouleeswara and Archana to Sri Sankara. In the evenings Archana to all the Murthies are done. Parayana of Vishnu Sahasranama is also done. On Fridays Chandi Parayana is done. Pradosha kala puja is offered every fortnight.



Navaratri is the major festival here. The idol of Sri Sankara itself will be decorated as Saradamba and other forms of Gods and Goddess. The Uthsava Murthy of Amba is also decorated specially. Mahanyasaka poorvaka Ekadasawara Rudrabhishekam to Sri Chandramouleeswara is done on all days.On all days Yajur Veda parayana , Sama Veda Parayana and Chandi Parayanam are done. Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Laksharchana is performed during all days.


Sivarathri is celebrated with great devotion. Four kala puja {all through the night} offering Ekadasawara Rudrabhishekam to Sri Chandramouleeswara is done.


Vardhanthi of Sri Sannidhanam is done with Ganapathy homam, Ayushya homam and Rudra Ekadasini.


Jayanthi celebrations of Sri Guru and Parama Guru as well as Aradhanas of Sri Guru and Parama Guru are performed every year. Other important days in the Sringeri Mutt calendar are also celebrated in a simple way.


There is no Hundi Box at the premises. All pujas and offerings are done only with prayers for universal peace and prosperity. Occasionally pujas or archanas are done on request in the name and for the welfare of individuals. No tariff is fixed for such pujas. The sevarthi shall bring the necessary puja materials.


Sri Shankara Math
75, Second Street
Theni Dist – 625 603
Tamil Nadu


Sri M.V. Subramanian
Phone : 04546-232791


Melmangalam is a small village on the banks of Varaha Nadhi, a tributary to Vaigai River. It is about 80 km from Madurai, and is about 70 km from Kodaikanal. The nearest railway station is at Theni, the District Head Quarters, about 20 km.

Tamil Nadu.

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