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Hardwar Shankara Matha Temple
Sri Sringeri Shankara Math Temple at Hardwar

View of Brahmakund
View of the temple at Brahmakund

The Shankara Math at Haridwar  popularly known as ” Sri Sringeri Math Temple” is situated at Brahma-Kund on the Bank of river Ganga at the heart of the town, two kilometers from from the railway station.


The temple comprise of three sides housing many shrines dedicated to various deities.

On the Eastern side  we have the shrines of

Two storey building

On the Western side are the shrines of

The Northen side houses the shirines of

Pilgrims generally take a dip in the holy water of Ganga at Brahma Kunda and have darshana of all there temples of the Sri Math.  The temple complex is around 250 years old. The structure  is entirely built from square cut stone and gara lime  and no cement or iron is used in its construction.


Guest House
Sri Sringeri Shankara Math Dharmashala

The Sri Math at Hardwar also runs a Dharmashala (Chattram) for the purpose of providing accommodation to pilgrims, know as ” sri Sringeri Math Dharmashala”. It is located  at a distance of 300 yards from the aforementioned  Sringeri Math temple at Brahmakund. The building was inaugrated in 1968 and since then has been serving pilgrims who visits Haridwar.

Contact Address :

Sri G.P.Manja,
Honoary Manager,
Sri Sringeri Math,
Bhima Goda Road, Ganga Dwar,
Near Raily Tunnel,
Haridwar. 249401
Utharakhand State

Ph: 01334-227414

Mob: 9897703860

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