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Travelling Tips

Various routes

The Bus services are available to reach Sringeri from the following places :

For further details see Traveling to Sringeri page


The general climatic conditions at Sringeri will be

March to Mid June – Hot
Mid June onwards – Rainy season begins
Mid July to Mid September – Heavy Rainfalls
Mid September to Mid October – normal rainfall
October to February – Chill

For further information about the climate condition for the next seven days,  see Current Weather condition of  Sringeri

Other info


Sringeri experiences very heavy rains coupled with torrential winds during the months of June to September. Pilgrims visiting Sringeri during these months are recommended to carry umbrellas.


Sringeri being surrounded by forests, power transmission during rainy season is volatile. Therefore pilgrims are also recommended to carry torches.


The period extending from November to February is characterized by a chilly climate with temperatures dropping as low as 10° centigrade. Though blankets and bedsheets are provided in the guesthouses, pilgrims are recommended to carry with them shawls, blankets and other protective clothing while visiting Sringeri during these months.