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What should we pray to Goddess Sharada for? Importance of the Mother cow, Worship without any expectations

Jagadguru’s Anugraha Bhashanam Video Series – Volume 5

AB-Vol 5 Front AB-Vol 5

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Format : DVD-5

Colour System : PAL

Audio : Stereo

Language : Hindi and Kannada

DVD Sub-titles : English

Running Time :

Packaging : PVC DVD Case

Availability : In Stock

Description :

Why should we pray to Goddess Sharada for? Kannada with English Subtitles

On June 2007, the Jagadguru Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji performed the Kumbabhishekham of the temples of Sri Sharada and Sri Shankara at Dharwad, Karnataka. On this occasion, the Jagadguru narrated how Sri Adi Shankara invoked and installed an idol of Sri Sharada at Sringeri. Through a moving Sloka written by the 33rd Jagadguru, we are taught what we should pray for. THe Jagadguru explains the significance of praying for those blessings and why it is so essential for us to do the same.

Importance of the Mother Cow – Hindi with English Subtitles

During our Jagadguru’s Vijaya Yatra through Nasik in 2007, the Jagadguru visited a center where ten thousand cows were nurtured. Pleased with how cows were treated there, the Jagadguru elucidates how the cow is given the place of a Mother in our Sanatana Dharma. Drawing from a story in the Purana of King Dileepa and Kamadhenu, the Jagadguru speaks about the grave sin of mistreating a cow.

Worship without any expectation – Kannada with English Subtitles

On April 2007, on the occasion of Narsimha Jayanti, the Jagadguru spoke in Bangalore about how rare it is to find people who worship God without any desire. The Jagadguru describes how even Sri Adi Shankaracharya went into raptures thinking about God resulting in beautiful compositions praising the Lord. Narrating an incident about Lord Vishnu and Narada, the Jagadguru stresses how ordinary people, doing daily activities can be the greatest devotees of the Lord. The Jagadguru urges us to follow the injuctions of the Shastras and worship God without any expectations.


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