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The Records of The Sringeri Dharmasamsthana

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Language: English, Kannada

Author: Dr. A. K. Shastry

Edition: I

Year of Publication: 2009

Published by: Sri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri.

Pages: 622 pp+xiv

Bind: Hardboard

Availability: In Stock

Synopsis :

The Records of the Sringeri Dharmasamsthana contains 302 records spread over 6 chapters and they are selected records from paper records and kadatas of the Sringeri Matha.  The Author Dr. A.K. Shastry has taken maximum pain in collecting and studying paper records and Kadatas of the Sringeri Math and has systematically classified the records under six heads

The content of all the 302 chapters are in Kannada language with a Summary in English for all chapters. This book will be quite useful for the research scholars.

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