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Language : English

Author : Sri Jnanananda Bharati Swamiji

Edition : I

Year of  first edition : 1970

Reprint : 2015

Published by : Sri Gnanananda Bharati Grantha Prakasana Samithi

Pages : 182 + pp xii

Bind : Paper back

Availability : In Stock

Places of Available :  Dakshinamnaya Sri Sharada Peetham Sringeri and its Branches and Sri Gnanananda Bharathi Grantha Prakasana Samithi,  Chennai

Contents :

Part I :  A Moral Text Book

Chapter I  –  The Genesis
Chapter II  –  The Proper Approach
Chapter III – A Handmaid of the Vedas
Chapter IV – A Handbook of manners

Part II : Sri Rama, the Monitor

Chapter V – Self-Monition
Chapter VI – Sri Rama and His Father
Chapter VII – Sri Rama and His Mother
Chapter VIII – Sri Rama and His Step-mothers
Chapter IX – Sri Rama and His Brothers

Part III : The Marriage or Sri Rama

Chapter X – Dasaratha’s Concern
Chapter XI – THe Father’s Gift
Chapter XII – The Main Event

Part IV : A Time Analysis

Chapter XIII – Boyhood
Chapter XIV – The Exile
Chapter XV – Loss of Sita
Chapter XVI – THe Redemption

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