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Vinaynagar Colony was developed by the Vinaynagar Coop Housing Society (VNCH) over forty years ago. There is an open land belonging to VNCH , bordering with the neighbouring S.L. Vidyapeeth. There was an attempt, by the latter, to encroach this land sometime in the 1990s. After MCH and police intervention, it was resolved in favour of VNCH.

In order to avoid any such future problems, a Vinayaka temple was constructed with the help of other Colony members and general public (devotees).

Sri.Sri.Vijaya Vinayaka Devalayam Pratishthapana Karyakramam took place on Swasthisri Pramodanama Samvatsara Shravana Bahula Padyami, Vidiya and Tritiya, corresponding to dates 27 August 1999, Friday to 27 August 1999, Sunday.

A Committee  along with the help of general public (devotees ) completed the Pratisthapana and construction of the Temple in all respects with a facility for dwelling home for Archaka & Paricharaka and a separate kitchen for preparing Prasadams.

The Committee started searching for Advaitha Siddhanta Mutt to take over the temple. Accordingly, in May 2004, the Committee  approached  Sri. Shankara Mutt, Nallakunta, Hyderabad.

On 03-06-2004, it is decided to recommend its affiliation with Sri. Sharada Peetham to Sri.Adishankara Bharathi Teertha Swamiji.

With the permission of Sri. Sri. Bharathi Teertha Swamiji, the Temple was dedicated to Sri. Sringeri Mutt, Sringeri

With a Colony resident and a philanthropist  who has contributed a major share in constructing the temple, an Advisory Committee was formed by the Sringeri Peetham

Nitya Pooja

Morning and Evening

Special pooja

On Wednesdays, Poornima days and on Sankashta hara Chaturthi days ,

Punar Pratisthapana was performed on Swasthisri Sarvadhari Samvatsara Karthika Bahula Tritiya, Chaturthi and Panchami (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). Corresponding dates are 15th, 16th and November 2008.


SRI. Sringeri Sharada Peetham
Sri Sri Vijaya Vinayaka Devalayam,
Vinaynagar colony,

Ph : 040-2453 1300

Branch In-charge :

Shri. C. Vijaya Kumar,
Hon. Agent & Convenor

Phone : 040-2453 0474 (M ) 99481 66555

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