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Sringeri, a holy, scenic, hilly place in Karnataka is where peace is palpable, tangible.  Enchanted by the sacred spot, of matchless serenity, Sri Adi Shankaracharya founded here the first and foremost of his mathas, the Sringeri Math, also known as the Sringeri Sharada Peetham. Sringeri is where time has stood still; the Sringery of legend, the Sringery of mythology, the Sringeri of history, ancient and modern, the Sringeri where the successive Shankaracharyas have performed penance and attained samadhi, the Sringeri where there has always been a living Acharya,  in the authentic tradition of Adi Shankara to bless and guide mankind.

Nestled in a picturesque spot in the plateau of the Western Ghats, surrounded by charming hills rising on all sides like galleries of a huge amphitheatre, and reflected in the crystal water of Tunga river washing its steps, is the Math of Sringeri associated with the great Saankaracharya.  The surrounding mountain ranges are known as the Rishyasringa Parvata.  The appellation is derived from the celebrated saint mentioned in the Ramayana.  A more charming spot can hardly be found in the whole of Mysore Plateau which abounds with natural scenes.

Nature is bounteous in Sringeri.  Its river Tunga is sacred and perennial.  The air is rich with the aroma of medicinal herbs.  The  climate is salubrious even in the peak  of  summer.  This is much for physical vigour. The stream Tunga issuing from a hill, winds her tortuous course somewhat north-east and speeds to meet her sister, Bhadra, coming from a different direction.  The two streams join about 16 kms. of Bhadravati and form the sacred river Tunga Bhadra.

Picturesque view of Sringeri by the holy Tunga river at dusk

In Sringeri the sacred vibrations of the place will awaken your  dormant spiritual nature. The highpeaks of the Western Ghats silhouetting against the sky, the dense forest full of tropical vegetation, the warbling birds and the solitudes of sun-rise and sun-set conjure up an irrestible vision of a hermitage of ancient rishis.

Sringeri, Chickmagalur District. Karnataka.

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