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Sri Abhinava Sacchidananda Bharati II (1814 – 1817)

अभिनवपदपूर्वान् सच्चिदानन्द संज्ञान् निगमशिखरवेद्यान् नित्यकल्याणरूपान् ।
त्रिभुवनजनवन्द्यान् सर्वलोकैकहृद्यान् हृदयकमलमध्ये भावयाम्यम्बुजास्यान् ॥

The sage aloft the peak of Vedic lore, Auspicious One, Eternal Bliss Divine, Adored by great men of the three worlds, Gladdening the heart of good devotees, That lotus-faced effulgent saint, Abhinava Sacchidananda Bharati, Is always held with reverence in my lotus heart!

This was a short reign of three years. The Maharaja wrote to the Agent Venkatachala Bhatta, “The spiritual throne of Sringeri being pre-eminent and Swami new to his charge, he should manage its temporal affairs in such a way to safeguard its property and maintain its prestige.”

When the Swami felt his end was approaching, he ordained a young Brahmachari, a native of Sringeri Agrahara, and six days later, passed away.