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Sri Sacchidananda Shivabhinava Nrisimha Bharati Mahaswamiji

Sri Sacchidananda Shivabhinava Nrisimha Bharati

श्री सच्चिदानन्दशिवाभिनव्य नृसिंहभारत्यभिधान्यतीन्द्रान् ।
विद्यानिधीन् मन्त्रनिधीन् सदात्मनिष्ठान् भजे मानव शंभुरूपान् ॥

Shiva in human form, ever immersed in the Atman, Treasure of learning, treasure of mantric lore; Verily He is the King among Sages, Hail Sacchidananda Shiva Abhinava Nrisimha Bharati!

Sachchidananda Sivabhinava Narasimha Bharati Mahaswamiji was the 33rd Jagadguru in the Dakshinamnaya Sharada Peetham established by Adi Shankara. With an extraordinary mastery of Shastras, this great personage shone as a great tapasvin and yogi.

The Swamiji was responsible for starting the celebration of Shankara Jayanthi festival in India. It is due to him that the collected works of Adi Sankara were published under the title,Shaankara Granthavali.

Establishing beyond doubt Kaladi as the birth place of Shankara and as a pilgrim centre, He determined the actual sites and consecrated his temple as well as that of Sri Sharadamba.

It is worth mentioning that many people who, like Charuvakas, had no belief in Vedas and Sastras, were totally reformed into astikas by His teachings.

He set up Pathasalas (Schools) for Vedas and Sastras in Bangalore and other places and also provided support for their growth.

Famed as a reincarnation of Adi Sankara who reestablished Sanatana Dharma in the land,He initiated all works designed to spread the Dharma.

His Holiness Sri Chandrasekhara Bharati, the 34th pontiff of Sringeri Sharada Peetham and a jivanmukta, was His devotee and successor.

Just by remembering the great Sri Sachchidananda Sivabhinava Narasimha Bharati Mahaswamiji, one can obtain all shreyas, welfare and happiness.

His Holiness Sachchidananda Sivabhinava Narasimha Bharati Mahaswamiji adorned the Vyakhyana Simhasana, Throne Of Transcendental Wisdom from 1879 to 1912.

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